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Free PhD

Free PhDSearching for Free PhD Programs? Some say that if something is free, it must be too good to be true – and thus not true; but sometimes, something like a “free PhD” fits into the “very good and still true” category.

How can an expensive PhD be free?

Free PhDs aren’t actually free; obviously someone has to pay for them somewhere along the line. However, the good news is that the bill isn’t necessarily covered by the student. Grants and other school-offered incentives make PhDs possible for students without out of pocket costs, without payback, and essentially free to the student.

Why look for a free PhD?

Of course, one could simply pay for a PhD – but they are quite costly. Why pay for the PhD if the same school is available to you and it is worth it to some other organization, usually the federal government or the school itself, to fund that schooling?

Why consider a PhD?

PhDs are a very high and quite respectable degree. Having a PhD will not only help you obtain the specific knowledge you wish in a given field, but will lead to greater job opportunities and allow you to command higher pay.

Some colleges offer to pay you for your PhD

One way to get a free PhD is to decide which graduate program you seek; next, look into the schools that offer your field of study. Check for schools that have research assistantships or teaching positions for those pursuing their PhD; these schools often pay everything from tuition to tuition plus benefits.

The government also offers grants for PhD tuition

The government offers grants to those seeking PhDs as well if you are a U.S. citizen. While these grants are more often science related, there are grants available for other fields if you look for them.

Obtaining a PhD can make a huge difference in the type of career one can choose thereafter; getting that PhD for free can be nothing but a gain for those who wish to advance their career.