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how do you get a phdWe often get asked this question: How Do You Get a PhD?

A PhD is the most illustrious degree available. It is a terminal degree, or the highest degree you can obtain in a field of study. Thankfully, there are more and more universities, both online and on-campus, that are offering PhD programs for working adults.

So, how do you get a PhD?

Prior to even enrolling in a PhD program, you must meet certain requirements. Many programs will require that you already have your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in a similar field of study.

This is especially true of most online and accelerated programs. Since these programs are faster paced than a traditional program, it is important that you have the knowledge foundation prior to going into the program. If you are uncertain as to the requirements of your particular university, you can call an academic advisor for the school you are interested in.

Once enrolled in an accredited program, you will need to complete the required number of courses. This varies by institution, but on average, it is between 75 and 100 credit hours. After the coursework, you will work with a mentor to pick a topic for your doctoral research. Some schools may require that you provide a research proposal as part of your enrollment package.

After your research is conducted and your dissertation is written, you will likely be required to present and defend your findings in front of an evaluation committee. Upon a successful defense of your work, you will be granted the title of “Doctor”.

How Do You Get a PhD Online?

If you are like most working adults, you have very little free time, let alone enough time to commute to campus several times a week to earn your PhD. The good news is, you can now earn an accredited PhD degree online.

Currently, Walden University and Capella University offer more accredited online PhD degrees than any other university. You can compare each university below to see if either is a good fit for you.

Walden University – Online PhD Programs

How Do You Get a PhD

Walden University offers accelerated classes: 8 week online classes.

The Walden University campus is located in Florida. Currently, Walden offers over a dozen online doctoral programs with over 100 specializations/concentrations available, giving you the opportunity to tailor your doctorate degree to suit your professional goals and interests.

  • Doctor of Business Administration – DBA (10 concentrations)
  • PhD in Management (14 concentrations)
  • Doctor of Education – Ed.D. (6 concentrations)
  • Education Specialist – Ed.S. (6 concentrations)
  • PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision (6 concentrations)
  • PhD in Education (12 concentrations)
  • PhD in Health Services (11 concentrations)
  • PhD in Human Services (17 concentrations)
  • PhD in Psychology (7 concentrations)
  • PhD in Public Health (3 concentrations)
  • PhD in Public Policy and Administration (27 concentrations)
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice

Read more or get a program guide from Walden University.

Capella University – 10-Week Online Classes

How Do You Get a PhD

Capella University offers accelerated classes: 10 week online classes.

Many higher education faculty positions require a PhD, which can also prepare you for leadership, research, or consulting positions in a variety of fields. For students of business, the Doctor of Business Administration is also available. Career paths for people with DBAs include business leadership, consulting, and teaching positions.

Online Doctoral Programs are also available in a wide-range of fields including:

  • PhD – Accounting
  • PhD – Counselor Education and Supervision
  • PhD – Criminal Justice
  • PhD – Curriculum and Instruction
  • PhD – Educational Psychology
  • PhD – Emergency Management
  • PhD – General Advanced Studies in Human Behavior
  • PhD – Business
  • PhD – Human Services
  • PhD – Information Technology
  • PhD – Organization and Management
  • PhD – Psychology
  • PhD – Health Care Administration
  • PhD – Human Resource Management
  • PhD – Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • PhD – Information Security
  • PhD – Information Technology Management
  • PhD – Information Technology Project Management
  • PhD – Instructional Design for Online Learning
  • PhD – IT Education
  • PhD – K-12 Studies in Education
  • PhD – Leadership
  • PhD – Leadership for Higher Education
  • PhD – Leadership in Educational Administration
  • PhD – Management Education
  • PhD – Nonprofit Management and Leadership
  • PhD – Nursing Education
  • PhD – Post-secondary and Adult Education
  • PhD – Professional Studies in Education
  • PhD – Project Management
  • PhD – Public Safety Leadership
  • PhD – Social and Community Services
  • PhD – Special Education Leadership
  • PhD – Training and Performance Improvement
  • DBA – Business Intelligence
  • DBA – Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • DBA – Strategy and Innovation
  • DHA – General Health Administration
  • DHA – Health Care Leadership
  • DHA – Health Policy and Advocacy
  • DPA – General Public Administration
  • DrPH – Epidemiology
  • DrPH – Health Advocacy and Leadership
  • DSW – General Social Work
  • EdD – Educational Leadership and Management
  • EdD – Reading and Literacy
  • EdS – Curriculum and Instruction
  • EdS – Leadership in Educational Administration

Read more or get a program guide from Capella University.

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