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Did you know you can get an online doctoral degree in education?

True fact.  You can actually earn your doctorate in education through programs which are designed to fulfill your degree requirements entirely through online, distance-learning based methods.

Eminent, fully accredited universities can offer you an online doctoral degree in education?
These are real doctoral degrees, offered by real colleges and universities with real accreditation.  Not diploma mills.  Not “novelty” degrees.  The real deal.  Some of the universities in question are entirely online institutions; others are traditional universities with campus locations that also offer online programs.  Either way, accreditation doesn’t lie–you know when a school is accredited by the exact same associates as your state’s university that they are the real thing.

Just how convenient online distance-learning can be?
Oh, the coursework is challenging–no way around that.  If it weren’t, well, it wouldn’t be worth getting a doctorate, would it? But think about school minus the hassles of commuting and living your life around a class schedule or your adviser’s office hours.  Communicating via email, IM, and chat; handing in assignments through your school’s online systems… no time stuck in traffic, no rushing from one end of campus to the other, no parking fees, no filling the tank of your car every other other day.  Studying from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule–all this is possible with an online doctoral degree in education.

What an online doctoral degree in education can do for your career?
First, let’s not discount the immense personal satisfaction and feeling of achievement that are yours when you hold your doctorate degree in your hands for the first time.  When you get your business cards changed to reflect your new status.  When you update your resume.  But getting your online doctorate degree in education is about more than status.  Your career can go places you never thought you could take it.

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