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Searching for a PhD in Leadership?

There has always been a saying that says a leader is born, not made. While this is, in some respects, true, it is mostly false. Some people are born with the attributes to be involved in leadership fields, but that doesn’t mean they will have the knowledge and experience necessary to do so.

When you get a PhD in Leadership, you will be looking at a long career ahead of you. It is all about learning to manage others, and to lead employees into the face of a new, better business. When you plan on moving up into a company, or you plan on starting your own, this is an important degree to look into.

Walden University – Online PhD in Leadership

PhD in Leadership

Walden University offers accelerated classes: 8 week online classes.

Walden University is regionally accredited, the highest level of accreditation possible in the United States.

Located in Minnesota, Walden University offers over a dozen online doctoral programs with over 100 specializations/concentrations available, giving you the opportunity to tailor your doctorate degree to suit your professional goals and interests.

Ph.D. in Management Online:

  • Ph.D. in Management
  • Ph.D. in Management – Leadership & Organizational Change
  • Ph.D. in Management – Self-Designed

Doctor of Business Administration Online:

  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Business Administration – Leadership
  • Doctor of Business Administration – Self-Designed

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What Can I Do With a PhD in Leadership?

Think of this PhD as a chance to learn how to do more than get ahead. It is all about learning to make it to the top, and to bring those you manage along with you. It is all about using it to increase your annual salary, and your job title.

What Career Can I Get With a PhD in Leadership?

A PhD in Leadership will be specifically designed to fit into a business format. While it could also help prepare you for other positions and genres that require a strong leader, it is all about learning to be an effective, efficient manager.

This degree is a way of becoming an expert in managing, and leading, others. If you have been working in management, and you need to move up in the company, this is the degree for you. If you are hoping to start a business, you will need this PhD.