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Quick Tips to Keep in Mind when Thinking of an Online Doctoral Degree in Education

  • Seeking a PhD in education means you’re more interested in researching and applying the results to different educational practices
  • A Doctoral degree in education will qualify you to work as a professor in any major university in the world

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What is an Online Doctoral Degree in Education?

As the name may suggest, it is a doctoral degree in education, or PhD if you like, that is earned online. To earn your PhD in education, you must have a passion for the field and patience to succeed through a comprehensive long learning process. You have to have a bachelor’s or better still a master’s degree and a long-serving career in the education field to qualify for admission. You’ll then be expected to select an area of specialization e.g. in teacher leadership, special education, or administration.

What can you do with an Online Doctoral Degree in Education?

With a PhD in Education, you can opt to pursue teaching opportunities at a post-secondary institution e.g. a college or a university or go for research opportunities. A Doctoral Degree in Education will without a shadow of a doubt open a lot of doors for employment in addition to other benefits.

First of all, you’ll earn the respect and freedom in a particular field of study and of course you’ll widen your pay increase potential. As a tutor in a post-secondary institution, you will more often than not enjoy a very flexible teaching schedule, giving you an opportunity to teach students something that is of utmost interest to them.

Salary Outlook

Once you earn your online doctoral degree in Education, you have the flexibility to select the settings of where you want to work, meaning that the salary range will vary depending on the settings or place you choose to work. A college professor takes home an average salary of around $72,000 annually, with a salary range of between $60,000 and $90,000. A school principal on the other hand takes home an average annual salary of around $50,000 to $100,000, depending on the institution’s location and years of experience.